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Ozark Original Starter Pack 240 Lollipops

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dance fund raiser
Karen Robinson (BRIMFIELD, IL) 7/26/2014 11:50 PM
these suckers sell themselves!
Anthony (Dublin ) 3/12/2013 5:06 PM
This product was a awesome fundraiser for my band trip to New Orleans .. Now I'm doing it again for my trip to Washington, D.C. 👍👍
These are the BEST VALUE!
McKe-Key A. (Houston TX) 6/8/2012 9:39 AM
We made 100's of dollars and I gained 100's of pounds (just kidding!) EVerybody at my school loved them and we are ordering more!
Kristin (Wisconsin) 3/28/2012 4:33 PM
I just wanted to say that these suckers are awesome. I was a little afraid on some of the flavors, but had compliments on all flavors. Everything sold great. We do a fundraiser every year and last year we were with a different company. Those suckers just don't compare to these.
Wished we could pick
Rebecca Lunt (Arizona) 10/31/2011 6:29 PM
For the most part we were satisfied with this product. We were however hesitant to buy again due to the fact that some flavors did not sell well. If we could pick our flavors we would sell out quicker and buy more sooner(and more in general.) ---You can customize your order and get only the flavors that sell well at your school. You can customize your order in the comment section during checkout or by calling 800-334-8991 Call if you have any questions. Thanks for your review Ozark Delight Candy Co.
FACS Teacher
Emily (Tennessee) 8/31/2011 10:20 AM
It would be nice if we could have an option of what flavors we do and do not want. Other than that, selling them for a $1 makes great profit and the kids love lollipops!
High Schooler
David (Wisconsin) 4/23/2011 1:13 PM
I needed money for a choir trip to Puerto Rico and EVERYONE wanted these lollipops! They all want to try each flavor. I sold 1 for $1 or 4 for $3 (.$75) and sold out all 240 in just 5 days!