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Ozark Delight Candy Co. has helped over 10,000 Schools, Churches, Non Profit groups and individual fundraisers earn millions of dollars over the last 25 years and we would love to work with you on your next fundraising project. Ozark Lollipops are a fast and easy way to make a great profit. Whether you are using our Original Lollipop or our new D'Lite Lollipop you have a great profit percentage.  Having the  students or group members carry the lollipops with them is the fastest and easiest way to sell, their friends buy from them and all they have to do is collect the money.  If group members carrying the lollipops with them is not an option then we have gift boxes that can be presold  or sold on the spot.  We also have display stands that work great in concession stands and area businesses, it's a great way to involve the community in you fundraiser.  Schools do have no money upfront and 30 days to pay, as long as your order is shipped and billed to your school (All Purchase Orders must be called or faxed in).  Call 800-334-8991 to set up your account for 30 day billing.  Our office hours are 
8am-5pm Central Time, Monday - Friday.
120 Ozark Delight Lollipops

Ozark Original Lollipops
Ozark Original Lollipops come in 40 delicious and mouthwatering flavors, and with an average profit percentage of 60% - 70% it's hard not to use them for your fundraiser.  

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New D'Lite Lollipops
For years, candy fundraising has been the number one moneymaker in many schools. Due to recent restrictions, some schools are looking for healthier alternatives. The new D'liteLollipops are reduced sugar, high in fiber,fat free, 100% Vitamin C,  reduced calorie, and  they still taste great. This is an easy way to follow the nutrition guidelines and still make the money your group needs.

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